A famous landmark in Peterborough has been in the news a lot lately as it stands in the way of the redevelopment of the station area.  However, today the Great Northern Hotel is in the news for a different reason.  It has been closed for a number of weeks for a refurbishment.  Yesterday, employees received through the post a letter of dismissal by reason of redundancy.

This may seem like a claim but the letter went on to say that the Company who run the hotel had gone into administration and all employees would be made redundant.  Some employees have been there for over 20 years! Indeed our own Linda Harris started her career in reception there no doubt with the same friendly and unique way she does here.

All employees who are in this situation can make a claim from the Government for:

  • redundancy payment (statutory)
  • notice pay (based on statutory notice)
  • unpaid wages (up to a maximum of 8 weeks money)
  • Holiday pay (based on holiday in the 12 months prior to insolvency up to a maximum of 6 weeks)

All payments are capped per week in line with the statutory cap which is currently £350.00 per week.  Employees must claim on a form called RP1and you can get more guidance from the Insolvency service.