Gender Pay News

Whilst on the subject of pay reporting, following the BBC pay data last month, the Equality and Human Rights Commission published their pay data on the beta Government portal and a report on their own website. Whilst the EHRC has less than 250 employees and is not obliged to publish its pay data, the company wants to set an example for others to follow.

The data shows that women earn between 7.5-8.2% more than men, depending which average you use.  The figures on the government portal also show that, despite earning more than men, women receive lower bonus payments. However, the report on the EHRC website states that this is because bonuses are based on hours worked and, if the figure was pro-rated, women would earn 0.2% more bonus pay.

For any company that has to calculate its gender pay reporting figures, this case study will be very useful. For advice on how to do the calculations, we published an example as part of our April 2017 update.