Gender Pay Gap Reporting

The deadline for private sector companies to publish their Gender Pay Gap Reporting Data is 4th April 2018. As it stands only around a third of the eligible companies have uploaded their data to the government portal.

However, some companies have already published their data, the latest being Deloitte and Carlsberg. Deloitte revealed a mean pay gap of 20.4% (43.2% including partners real figure) with a median pay gap of 17.8% (15.2% including partners).

Meanwhile, Carlsberg had a mean pay gap of 3.3% and a median pay gap of -1.5%, one of several companies to report a negative gap including Walkers and Purina. Women at Carlsberg were also over 40% more likely to receive a bonus. However, the company has also said women are under-represented in certain parts of the business and has set up a forum to understand and address this issue.

For those of you struggling to calculate your data we have done a worked example and you can contact us for further help. As well as the deadline for publishing on the government portal (and your company website) being 4th April 2018, the snapshot date for next year’s data will be 5th April 2018 meaning you won’t have chance to address any pay gap for next year if you are yet to start you calculations.

As of yet there are very few real enforcement measures for non-reporters so next year we might see more sanctions being introduced if the majority of companies fail to comply and report their pay gap. If you have not published a gender pay gap report and were supposed to you will be written to by the EHRC giving a further 28 days to comply. After which some draconian sanctions apply. Full details here