I came across a whole new meaning to the word “fired” today.  An ex pat who was running a struggling mill for a welsh company (his employer) in Kyrgyzstan in Central Asia was on 6th July 2006 shot 4 times by unknown gunmen.  Whilst he was in hospital he received a letter from his employer (dated the same day he was shot) saying he was “fired” as he was redundant. 

The poor chap had to be flown back to the UK for treatment as he had a bullet lodged in his liver and the doctors had to remove a kidney and part of the other one.  His employers showed real compassion in their decision and the timing was impecible!

The employee took his employer to the High Court and was awarded over £200,000 in back pay, interest and they had to pay a reasonable contribution to his pension.  The Employer appealed claiming the employee was guilty of fraud and this was heard recently.  The employer lost and were ordered to pay the employee’s costs of £40,000.  A lesson in quitting whilst you are ahead was needed!