There has been much publicity over the last few days concerning MP’s expenses.  Items claimed include; mattresses, pillows, bath robes, hotel expenses, repairing toilet seats etc.  You can read the full story here.

Whilst some of us must think we are in the wrong job and cannot believe some of the items being claimed and funded at the tax payers expenses, it is not uncommon particularly in this climate for employee’s expense claims to be scrutinised.  The usual rule is that the expense must be wholly and exclusively for business purposes and be subject to the Company’s expenses rules.

I have seen some very interesting policies in my time.  A recent one allowed for employees to buy leaving gifts etc up to £50 on the employer – nice! I have also seen some rather extravagant claims in the name of client entertaining.  A breach of the company expenses policy may result in disciplinary action.  Misclaiming expenses such as mileage etc may be grounds for gross misconduct. 

If you are leaving your employment for redundancy or other reasons then it is a good idea to get your expenses claims in before your leaving date.  It should go without saying but expenses stop when you leave including racking up a mobile phone bill on a company phone after leaving even if they did not disconnect it!