An entrepreneurial second year law student has recently felt the wrath of the EAT here.

The student was charging a client £120.00 per hour to represent him at Tribunal. In typical student fashion, he left things to the last minute. I am not just talking about his assignments. He left his client’s ET1 until the last minute too. Not just the last minute, but the last second before midnight on the last day for presenting the claim. It arrived 9 seconds late. The Tribunal rejected the claim as it was out of time and so did the EAT.

But it didn’t end there for the poor (or not so poor at £120 per hour) law student. Under the Compensation Act 2006 non lawyers charging for their services in Employment Tribunals have to be registered and regulated by the Regulated Claims Management Service. The Law Student was not and has been reported to the Rt Hon Jack Straw MP, Secretary of State for Justice and could face a jail term of up to two years! How’s that for being late with your homework!