Last month our newsletter had an employment law guide ( ) to the general election. Since then numerous political parties have released their full manifestos. Every now and then manifestos contain policies that raise a few eyebrows, (UKIP and positive discrimination we are looking at you here). However, the Conservative Party may have announced the most interesting and quirky policy of the bunch.

The party has announced that public sector and employees at companies with more than 250 employees will be entitled to three days volunteering leave a year, paid for by their employer. While this may sound surprising a recent study by CIPD suggest that 39% of large employers already offer a similar scheme whilst an additional 23% also offer unpaid volunteer leave.

The policy does have its advantages, volunteering would allow staff to develop skills, network with similar professionals and also improve mental and physical health depending on the type of volunteering they do. However, it could pose logistical and financial challenges, particularly in the public sector which is already thinly stretched in terms of personnel and is facing further budget cuts.