Both employers and employees can face serious penalties for breach of the Bribery Act. Employers can be made to pay an unlimited fine and employees can even go to prison! PJH Law’s Bribery Act e-learning trains employees on their responsibilities under the Bribery Act with a view to raise awareness of what amounts to a bribe and what the potential penalties for bribery are. The course will also help employers establish a defence to prosecution for breach of the Bribery Act – if an employer can demonstrate it has adequate procedures in place to prevent Bribery, it will not be fined.

For only £79 plus VAT per month with unlimited users, PJH Law can provide employers with Bribery Act training as part of its Virtual Arm service. ARM will monitor which employees have passed the course and report to the employer if any employees fail to take or fail to pass the course.

Also included in the £79 plus VAT per month is PJH Law’s learner management system pre-loaded with online learning on Dignity at Work, Display Screen Equipment, Social Media, Computer Use, Manual Handling and more.

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