In what appears to be a bout of pre-christmas bar humbug, a second claim reported in the press has failed and the Claimant is set to have a costs award made against him for an amount to be determined.

The Muslim chef brought a claim for religious discirmination against Scotland Yard for having to cook pork sausages and bacon.  He claimed the suggestion by bosses that he should wear gloves and use tongs to cook them left him feeling stressed and humiliated but this was not upheld.  This was because in evidence it came out that he had asked for a bacon roll for his own consumption previously and in fact ate pork.  The fact he had knowingly come into contact with (and in fact eaten) pork products previously meant his claim was doomed from the start.  It therefore had no reasonable prospects of success and he knew it.

The Daily mail has reported that the costs bill against the Claimant could amount to over £75,000!