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Adrian Pierce

Adrian Pierce


I began working as a contractor to other businesses in 2009 whilst running my own SME. From 2011 onwards it has been my main business activity.
My aim is to provide my expertise to employers on a flexible basis, to help businesses move forward.


Over the years I have held commercial and operational management positions and been involved in a number of change programs applied to inventory, processes and procedures, sales, finance, management and even business ownership. Working as a contractor I have assisted in major sales campaigns, run training courses and workshops, reviewed and cleansed customer and inventory data and helped clarify strategies that have led to significant successes.
I believe in clearly defining objectives to inform planning. Accurate measurement, clear communication and good process then have every chance of delivering success, in sales campaigns, team building, financial management or indeed any area of business.
On a personal level, I hate the pointless use of jargon as a substitute for understanding and prefer good product to great packaging.

Outside Activities

Outside my commercial work I own and operate a small recording studio, love music, cars and motorbikes.