Gig Economy News – Zero Hour NMW Rate

In other gig economy news, a new national minimum wage rate for employees on non-guaranteed hours has been proposed. The rationale behind it is that if an employee is not guaranteed hours then they need a high rate of pay to accommodate the fact they may have hours reduced without warning. With a general election [...]

George Osbourne: Employment law review

On the eve of George Osbourne's spring budget, an event that could determine his success as a chancellor (cue dramatic music). We thought we would look back at how successful some of the pre-election employment law policies have been, or, if they have actually been implemented. The pre-election promises of all parties had similar goals. The [...]

Zero hours contracts guidance published

There are currently around three quarters of a million people employed under zero hours contracts in the UK, this equates to 1 in 40 of all employees. Following on from the banning of exclusivity clauses in May, the government has now released further guidance on what is and isn’t acceptable in zero hours contracts. According to the guidance zero [...]

Zero Hours Contracts – Ban on Exclusivity Clauses

In our previous post ( ) we looked at some of the pre-election promises. Following the Conservatives winning a majority these promises are now being rolled out, firstly banning exclusive zero-hours contracts. Exclusivity clauses in zero hours contracts are an employer preventing casual staff working for another employer, even though they are not guaranteed [...]