Tribunal Fees – Reintroduction Mooted

Tribunal fees, kryptonite to both employees and employment solicitors from 2013 to 2017. As all of you are aware fees were abolished last summer after the Supreme Court found the were unlawful due to the disproportionately high fees creating a barrier to justice, particularly for maternity, race and disability related claims. Well, this month, it […]

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W v Lincolns Care Ltd

Hello and welcome back to your weekly case law update. Last week we had our monthly Employment Law Update, with features on Justin Welby, mental health & safety and equal pay. There was also a feature on tribunal statistics which mentioned a possible time lag for sexual harassment claims. Well, this week we have a […]

Tribunal Statistics – Latest Figures for April to June 2018

Since the abolition of Tribunal fees last year, the number of Tribunal claims have predictably increased. For the April-June 2018 period, claims are up by 165% from the same period in 2017. Meanwhile, nearly twelve and a half thousand fee refund payments have been made equating to around £10m. The figures show that the average […]

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Employment Tribunal Statistics – Claims Numbers Increase

Since ET fees were abolished last summer, it will come as no surprise to hear that claims have increased. Statistics gathered by ACAS suggest claims progressing to Tribunal have increased by 39% since fees were abolished in July 2017. This coincides with Ministry of Justice data which suggest claims have increased by 118% since January […]

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Employment Tribunal Fees: £1.8 million refunded in 2 months

Employment Tribunal Fees: £1.8 million refunded in 2 months One of the biggest issues facing employment law in recent years has been the access to justice barrier created by Tribunal Fees. Last summer, following a claim lodged by Unison, fees were abolished and a scheme was set up to repay those unlawfully charged fees – […]

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A v B | Should Claimants who paid a fee to bring their claim be entitled to that money back from the Respondent as part of their award?

A v B Our second case is about another hot topic in employment law, Tribunal Fees. Despite being recently removed from the ET website this case posed an important question: Should Claimants who paid a fee to bring their claim be entitled to that money back from the Respondent as part of their award? Little is […]

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Tribunal Fees – Claims thrown out due to failure to pay fee to be resumed?

Last month the Supreme Court ruled that Tribunal fees were unlawful leading to them being scrapped. One issue this raised was what would happen to cases that did not proceed because of failure to the fee. In Dhami v Tesco Stores Ltd it appears that Claimant has been successful in arguing that her case should be reinstated […]

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Supreme Court Rules ET Fees Unlawful – Government to repay £32m

The Magna Carta, one of Britain’s oldest pieces of constitutional legislation, states that, ‘To no one will we sell, to no one deny or delay right or justice.’ In July 2013, as part of the Employment Tribunals and the Employment Appeal Tribunal Fees Order 2013, Tribunal Fees were introduced. The fees meant prospective Claimants would […]

Jeremy Corbyn – Radical or reformer – How might he impact employment law

In light of all the porcine hullabaloo mentioned above you may have forgotten that this month also saw Jeremy Corbyn elected as the new leader of the opposition. Corbyn is almost certainly not a man who spent his university days performing dining society initiations, from what we’ve read he prefers  making jam and cycling. However […]

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