Markham v Asda Stores Ltd

Good morning and welcome to your weekly dose of case law. Unlike the flu jab, doses of case law aren’t exclusive to Autumn! Last week  we looked at protected conversations and admissibility of evidence in relation to pregnancy and maternity discrimination. This week we are looking at health and safety dismissals and trade union activities. […]

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Lozaique v Tesco Stores Ltd

Our next case, as the name states, concerns supermarkets. However, unlike our previous updates about supermarkets, this is not a multi-claimant equal pay claim. Instead, this case concerns unlawful deductions, overtime clauses and trade union collective agreements. The question in this case is: Does a collective agreement reducing the premium pay for overtime automatically form […]

Morris v Metrolink RATP DEV Ltd

Hello, Friday has rolled around again which means it’s time for another Case Law Update. Last week we had two cases, one about unlawful deductions and our take on the Pimlico Plumbers case. This week’s update has a trade union theme. We have one case on trade union activities and unfair dismissal and an update […]

IWGB v Deliveroo

Late last year, we covered the Central Arbitration Committee (CAC) case of IWGB v Roo Foods Limited t/a Deliveroo. Whilst we don’t usually cover cases from the CAC this case was relevant to the gig economy because it held Deliveroo couriers were not eligible for union recognition because of a clause in their contract that […]

IWGB v Deliveroo – Are Deliveroo couriers workers and thus entitled to trade union recognition?

  Hello and welcome back to your weekly case law update. Last week we looked at the gig economy and how Uber drivers are workers not self-employed. This week we have another gig economy case for you, however this time it concerns Deliveroo. Their couriers were pushing for trade union recognition. As this case concerns […]

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Further job cuts and pay freezes at BA

British Airways have announced further job losses of 1,700, many of whom are cabin crew taking voluntary redundancy. A further 3,000 employees have chosen to reduce their hours to part time in a bid to assist BA in reducing costs. These changes are expected to take effect from November. The trade union, Unite, have spoken out […]

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