Arturs Kurklis

"Thank you for your time and effort and believing in me and winning the case together with me for justice! I’m proud and lucky that you all as a team accepted me and my case and believed in me. I am grateful from bottom Of my heart."

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Angela Walker

"This company was amazing! Handled my case quickly and efficiently. I was so pleased to feel someone was on my side and supporting me. All communications were clear and I was able to make clear choices as the case progressed. Off course I was also delighted to receive the payments I was owed very quickly. [...]

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Thomas Naegeli

"My experience with PJH Law was not only very pleasant but also very professional. I would not hesitate to recommend Philip and his law practice to any of my acquaintances."

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"I am very happy with the support received from Liam Pike. The final agreement with the counterpart has been reached without unnecessary dispute and with an acceptable outcome. Thank you."

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"Really happy with the service I received. Samantha was highly professional, very thorough and ensured no stone was unturned . Would highly recommend"

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Alexandra O’Rourke

"I was so impressed with PJH at every step. Liam was patient and explained everything in detail, but wasn’t in the slightest condescending at any time which meant I was never embarrassed to ask even the silliest of questions. Correspondence was quick and simple and Liam was super responsive. He helped get me an outcome [...]

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Eileen H.

"Taking legal action against an employer can be extremely daunting. From initial advice from Phil which was clear and in “layman’s terms” to completion of the case with both Phil and Samantha. I found the whole process very comfortable and I cannot rate PJH Law highly enough. If you are in doubt, make an appointment, [...]

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