Ali v Capita Customer Management Ltd & Hextall v Chief Constable of Leicestershire Police

Hello and, following a prolonged absence, welcome back to your case law update. Given your time and patience, this will hopefully resume the title of weekly case law update! Those of you with fantastic memories will recall our previous update was our April Newsletter which had features on NDAs and Injury to Feeling awards. Before that, our previous case law update concerned written terms and conditions of employment.

Reporting News – Companies to Publish Family-Friendly Policies

It’s been a big year for pay reporting. This year businesses with 250 or more staff had to start reporting their gender pay data and publishing it on their website. Since then, it’s been suggested that race pay gap and pay-ratio gap should also be reported by companies who employ 250 people. It is also […]

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Capita v Ali

The history about the employability, mobility and equality of female employees is one that often hangs on pregnancy and maternity. Whilst it is discriminatory and illegal to treat women unfavourably due to pregnancy and/or maternity, many employers wrongly perceive female employees as an absence risk, commitment or financial risk due to the fact they might […]

What to expect from employment law in 2018

After looking back at some particularly sombre pieces of festive news, it is time to look forward at what to expect from 2018.  2018 could be a big year for case law. For the gig economy, the Uber and Pimlico Plumbers appeals will be heard before the CoA and Supreme Court respectively early this year, with decision impacting worker status […]

Statutory Pay News – Annual Rate Increase

  The new statutory pay amounts have been announced. Such rates are now CPI-linked so the rise will be of little surprise to those who pay keen interest to the economy. Parental pay rates – including maternity, shared parental and adoption – have risen from £140.98 to £145.18, whilst sick pay has gone up £89.35 […]

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Is it fair to pay male employees 2 weeks enhanced paternity pay when female employees receive 14 weeks enhanced maternity pay?

After all the election and post-election chaos we thought it was best to get back to Case of the Week, which guarantees its readers a strong and stable supply of recent case law. Last week we looked at gross misconduct. This week we have two cases for you. The first is about shared parental leave […]

Shared Parental Leave – Latest Statistics

A survey by CIPD has found that just 5% of fathers and 8% of mothers have opted to take shared parental leave since it was introduced 18 months ago.  We previously discussed why take up was so low and this survey added it may also be because free childcare is only applicable to children aged 3 and […]

Autumn Statement – Statutory Maternity & Sick Pay Rates increase

There were several announcement made by the Chancellor, Phillip Hammond, in the Autumn Statement that will impact employment law. Incidentally this might be the last Autumn Statement, as one of the announcements was to abolish them! In April 2017, the rates employers have to pay will go up for the first time since April 2015. […]

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Snell v Network Rail – Is it discriminatory to pay a male parent taking shared parental leave less than a female parent taking maternity leave?

Hello and welcome back to your weekly case law update. Last week we looked at the validity of settlement of agreements and we also did a feature on discrimination during recruitment following the Matching Models controversy. This week we will be looking at shared parental leave. Today’s case is only an ET judgement so is therefore not binding on […]

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Meet the (Grand) Parents – Parental leave to be extended to grand parents

It has been 6 months since shared parental leave has been introduced and whilst it has yet to revolutionise parenting it is very much an option for soon to be parents. At the Conservative party conference, George Osborne announced plans to extend shared parental leave towards Grandparents. It is estimated that nearly 50% of parents rely […]

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