The Governing Body of Tywyn Primary School v Aplin

This week we are looking at sexual orientation discrimination and constructive dismissal. Those of you with good memories may remember we recently covered a race discrimination case that focused on the burden of proof for discrimination claims. In short, if the employee can establish a prima-facie case of discrimination, the burden of proof shifts onto […]

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Supreme Court Grants Equal Pension Rights

The Supreme Court has had a fine month. Not only has it declared ET fees unlawful it has also granted equal pension rights to same-sex spouse. In Walker v Innospec Ltd, Mr Walker, the Claimant, argued that, in the event of his death, Innospec, the Respondent, should pay his husband the same pension benefit as […]

Recruitment discrimination case study – Matching Models

Matching Models, a recruitment company targeted at skilled and beautiful personnel, has come under scrutiny for a recent advert for a personal assistant with a ‘classic look, brown long hair with b-c cup.’ A move that is something out of a Mad Men episode not recruitment in 2016! Further adverts included a personal chauffeur to […]

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Kedziora v Servest Group Ltd – Courts attitude to litigants in person

This is a rare example, in terms of case law at least, of sexual orientation discrimination. It is also an example of the court’s attitude towards litigants in person. Mr Kedziora, the Claimant worked as a cleaner for Servest Group, the Respondent, who provide cleaning services for numerous companies. The Claimant is gay and had […]

Discrimination – religious belief versus sexual orientation

Last year the EAT rejected a claim by Gary McFarlane that his dismissal from Relate Avon was unfair on grounds of his religion. Mr McFarlane was a Christian counsellor who was dismissed for refusing to work with gay couples. The case is today before the Court of Appeal who will decide whether to grant Mr […]

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