High Award in Self-Represented Morrison’s Sex Discrimination Claim

Many of you may have read about the self-represented Claimant who was awarded £60,000 by an Employment Tribunal having been discriminated against following her maternity leave. Donna Patterson was a part-time buyer in the supermarket’s online business and was asked to return to a full time role once her maternity leave ended. Upon raising her [...]

Shipp v City Sprint UK Limited

This week’s Case of The Week demonstrates that what some colleagues might perceive to be office banter and ‘a bit of a laugh’ may well result in employers paying out a hefty sum in compensation. We also see how an attitude of ‘out of sight, out of mind’ can land an employer in hot water. [...]

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Dobson v North Cumbria Integrated Care NHS Foundation Trust

  Introduction Hello and welcome to our case of the week blog. This week, we have an indirect sex discrimination claim. It concerns childcare responsibilities and flexible working. Facts Gemma Dobson was a community nurse for an NHS trust. She begun employment in 2004. In 2008, she submitted a flexible working request (to work the [...]

Sex Discrimination News – Police Officer Received Detrimental Treatment due to not Shaving off Moustache

When sex discrimination is mentioned, most people immediately think of the discriminating conduct being against a women. Statistically this is usually true as the majority of sex discrimination claims heard before the employment tribunal are brought by women. However, there can be instances when men can be discriminated against on the grounds of their sex […]

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Tabidi v British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

Another Friday is upon us which means it is time for another dose of case law. Last week was our monthly employment law update with features on the women’s US equal pay dispute, bullying and harassment at the Ministry of Defence and Orange and holiday pay life leave at Molson Coors brewers. Prior to that, […]

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Ali v Capita Customer Management Ltd & Hextall v Chief Constable of Leicestershire Police

Hello and, following a prolonged absence, welcome back to your case law update. Given your time and patience, this will hopefully resume the title of weekly case law update! Those of you with fantastic memories will recall our previous update was our April Newsletter which had features on NDAs and Injury to Feeling awards. Before that, our previous case law update concerned written terms and conditions of employment.

Lighter Side of News – British Airways Worker Sacked for Having a Man Bun

As always, we round off the newsletter with another light-hearted tabloid topping tale. Every month we try and bring to you the most ridiculous stories as found in the Sun and/or Daily Mail. This month’s entrant goes to a British Airways employee, Sid Ouared. Sid was dismissed from his job at British Airways, just two […]

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Capita v Ali

The history about the employability, mobility and equality of female employees is one that often hangs on pregnancy and maternity. Whilst it is discriminatory and illegal to treat women unfavourably due to pregnancy and/or maternity, many employers wrongly perceive female employees as an absence risk, commitment or financial risk due to the fact they might […]

Maternity and Sex Discrimination – Are Employers Up To Date?

A recent survey of over 1,000 business decision makers by the Equality and Human Rights Commission has found that a large proportion of employers hold antiquated views. Maternity and sex discrimination in the workplace: Nearly half of employers think it is acceptable to ask a female applicant if she has children during an interview (46%) […]

The Lord Chancellor & Secretary of State for Justice v McCLoud & Ors

Hello, another Friday is upon us which means it is time for another dose of employment law. After last week’s employment law update we are back to our case law update. This week’s case concerns pensions and discrimination. We also have a new feature for you at the end of today’s update. (Cue dramatic music […]

Phil Neville: The FA’s latest PR Disaster

Phil Neville: The FA’s latest PR Disaster Good morning. As we move into February, January is a mere speck in the rear-view mirror -hooray. So long perpetual darkness and cold weather, ye shan’t be missed! Last week, our case law update looked at the effective date of termination, this week, we have our round-up of […]

The Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis v Denby – Can a person who influences a decision maker be considered a joint-decision maker?

Hello and welcome back to your weekly case law update. Last week we looked at an EU case concerning discrimination against breastfeeding mothers. This week we will again be looking at discrimination, sex discrimination this time, together with conduct investigations. The questions this week are: Can a person who influences a decision maker be considered a joint-decision maker? If […]

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Lighter side of the news – Employees wins claim for sexual harassment following crude birthday poem

No newsletter would be complete without a tale so incredulous that it ends up in a tabloid media storm. This month’s wooden spoon goes to the manager of a biscuit factory who , among other things wrote the following lewd message in an employee’s birthday card: ‘Lisa it’s your birthday, I bet you’re thrilled to […]

Google Memo – The Equality/Free Speech balance

The Football Association isn’t the only organisation to suffer a reputational blow this month. Tech giant, Google, a predominantly left-leaning firm, caused a stir when one of its engineers circled a ten-page memo about the issue of gender equality and why women were genetically less suited to tech and leadership roles. The memo states that women are […]