England Football Team – Manager dismissed amidst further controversy

It’s the last Friday of the month which means it’s time for your monthly round up of all things employment law. Last week’s case law update looked at restrictive covenants, Early Conciliation and on-call/sleep-in working and all of the cases we have covered this month can be found here. Last month’s newsletter included features on […]

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Pay Reporting – PwC publish ethnicity pay gap data

Gender pay reporting results are something many employers will be publishing next year and the idea of publishing pay data to address inequality is one the government seems quite keen on. However, one issue that sometimes does get overlooked is ethnicity pay reporting. Like the gender pay gap, many experts believe there is an ethnicity […]

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Gig Economy News – Addison Lee drivers are workers

Employment status has been the big issue for employment law this year. Taxi drivers, couriers, plumbers and even interpreters have all had cases that relate to sham self-employment and a recent Employment Tribunal case added further argument that agents of these companies will often be workers and not self-employed contractors. In this case, the Claimants […]

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Holiday Pay News – Insolvency fund to include commission

The EAT has decided that the Insolvency Fund should base its holiday pay calculations to include contractual commission. This decision has been backdated and is relevant to any person who has applied for monies from the insolvency fund. The Fund will be contacting people who have applied since August 2011, but anyone who applied before […]

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Lighter Side of the News – Groundsmen sacked for poor pitch

To round off our newsletter we have another tale of the bizarre. This month’s tabloid fodder is slightly less controversial than previous entries – a fairly run of the mill unfair dismissal claim – however, what sets it apart from other cases is the public nature of the dispute and the method in which the […]

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