MPT v Peel – Intention To Compete

Restrictive covenants and post-termination restrictions aren’t an issue we cover too often but this is our second case this month. The first concerned the geographic and temporal markets limits of the covenant and this case concerns non-compete clauses and the obligation to tell the truth. In this case, two senior employees handed in their notice [...]

Egon Zehnder Ltd v Tillman – Do the Geographic & Temporal Markets influence Restrictive Covenants?

Egon Zehnder Ltd v Tillman Our next case concerns restrictive covenants. The enforceability of covenants can be a problematic area for many employers, especially those involved in sales. For the uninitiated, restrictive covenants are a contractual clause that limits a former employee’s activities post-termination in order to protect a legitimate business interest. These interests can [...]

Top Gear Saga – Restrictive covenants cast doubt on rival show

Following on from our previous piece  about the Top Gear steak-gate controversy, a recent article in the Telegraph has suggested Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard (not a real hamster) “The Hamster” Hammond have been unable to set up a rival show on ITV due to restrictive covenants in their previous contract. It seems that [...]

Advice on Contract of Employment

For many people, a contract of employment will be the most valuable contract they sign in their life. How many people seek legal advice on contracts of employment before signing them? The answer in our experience is relatively few, even fairly senior employees. There are lots of issues that employees may not consider when signing [...]