The Cox Report – A Case Study of Bullying and Harassment

The final Friday of the month is upon us which means it’s time for a roundup of everything employment law. Last month’s update had features on the Church of England employment status scandal, mental health first aid and another supermarket equal pay claim. Meanwhile, last week’s case law update concerned vicarious liability and Christmas Party […]

Reporting News – Companies to Publish Family-Friendly Policies

It’s been a big year for pay reporting. This year businesses with 250 or more staff had to start reporting their gender pay data and publishing it on their website. Since then, it’s been suggested that race pay gap and pay-ratio gap should also be reported by companies who employ 250 people. It is also […]

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Data Protection – Morrison’s Loses Appeal

Anyone who has handled the GDPR transition will be well aware of Morrison’s data leak. For those that aren’t, Andrew Skelton, a disgruntled employee who had access to payroll data, posted sensitive personal data of over 99,000 employees on a file-sharing website. This was done to try and frame a colleague with whom he had […]

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Lighter Side of the News – Sacked for Tweeting About Trump and Tommy Robinson

We round off this month’s update with some tabloid takes on employment law. This month we have a doubleheader for you. First up we have Ayub Patel, a Job Centre employee who was dismissed for criticising Donal Trump and Tommy Robinson on Twitter. Mr. Patel had 25 years’ service and a clean disciplinary record at […]

Lighter Side of the News – Traffic Warden Sacked for Bad Parking

Our second tabloid tale is perhaps best described as Schadenfreude of the week. Zoe Brunt, purportedly the UK’s meanest traffic warden, has been dismissed for parking on double yellows. Apparently known to brag about ticketing people, Brunt posted online about the pleasure she took from giving out tickets. This included laughing at a sewerage worker […]