Current Affairs: Comparing the Leader’s Debate to Giving Evidence in Tribunal

Ah, you may have thought that this month would have an employment law spin on the election. That content is for seminar attendees only I’m afraid! Instead we thought we would highlight something that often comes up when preparing clients for Tribunal hearings. The most stressful thing for any witness, whether employee or employer, is [...]

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Gig Economy: Ken Loach and Sorry We Missed You

With Christmas around the corner and Black Friday deals well underway, now is not only the beginning of the season to be jolly but also the season of round the clock courier deliveries. The online shopping boom means couriers are busier every year and this shines a light on the gig economy. We have long [...]

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Samantha Cameron and Unpaid Internships

From one gig economy article to another. There was a time when SamCam rivalled Kate Middleton as the woman who spawned a thousand “NAME looks ADJECTIVE in CLOTHING at EVENT” articles on the sidebar of shame. These days, since the Camerons have taken a back seat post-referendum, Samantha Cameron has been focusing on her high-end [...]

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PJH Law News – A Practical Guide to the Law of Bullying and Harassment in the Workplace Released

You may have heard – several times during seminar promotions – that Phil has released a second book, A Practical Guide to the Law of Bullying and Harassment in the Workplace. Those of you who are attending the seminar will be receiving a free copy and we would appreciate anyone who does pick up a [...]

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Lighter Side of the News – Sacked for Workplace Party

As always we round off our newsletter with a tale of absurdity from tabloids. This month’s story is also a timely reminder that we are fast approaching Christmas party season. Alyn Williams ran a Michelin starred restaurant inside a Mayfair hotel. He had opened the restaurant in 2011 helping it to win a Michelin Star [...]

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