Minimum wage offenders – Latest list published

Welcome back, last week our case law update covered the highly influential Pilmlico Plumbers case. This week, as it’s the last Friday of the month, it’s time to step away from the world of case law and take a wider view at the changing face of employment law. Not only that, we have some very [...]

Employment law forecast 2017

After our weather forecast of snow did not come to fruition, we will stick to Employment Law. Here are a few things that will be happening in 2017. Trade Union Bill    Whilst no implementation date has been set, the Bill will introduce a number of proposed changes to current strike action: - 50% turnout threshold for [...]

Autumn Statment – National Living Wage – Lower than expected increase

Another thing on the rise is the National Living Wage. As you will probably already know any employee over the age of 25 is entitled to the National Living Wage, which has risen by 30p to £7.50. This is 14p below the predicted 2017 rate of £7.64, meaning the average worker will be worse off by [...]

National Minimum Wage – Latest rates

Hello, it’s the last Friday of the month and that means it’s time for your monthly Employment Law Update. Last month we looked at Bank Holiday working, the gig economy and the Byron Burger scandal and last week’s case examined Early Conciliation. This month we have lots for you, including forthcoming changes to the minimum wage and the apprenticeship [...]

Gig economy – Hermes latest company to face minimum wage investigation

The gig economy has been a recurring theme of recent newsletters. Previously we have said that delivery drivers for Hermes were reported to earn as little as £5.50 an hour. It has also been reported that staff are so scared of having their shifts withdrawn they have worked sick with sick buckets in their cars and that other [...]

Sports Direct – The scandal continues

The Sports Direct scandal keeps rumbling on. The latest papers to be filed with the High Court have revealed that women returning from maternity leave were moved onto zero hours contracts and were therefore ineligible for the company’s bonus scheme, a PCP that clearly puts women at a disadvantage. Furthermore, employees transferring from companies purchased by Sports [...]

Gig economy – Deliveroo workers go on strike

Last month we examined the gig economy and briefly mentioned food delivery firm, Deliveroo, whose contracts breach s203 of the employment rights act by preventing staff from bringing Tribunal claims about their employment status. This month staff at Deliveroo have gone on strike after the company proposed to pay them £3.75 per delivery instead of £7 an [...]

Sports Direct – Gulag like conditions

It probably isn’t a shock to hear that Mike Ashley, owner of Sports Direct, isn’t a very nice boss. Well now a recent summons before parliament can prove those suspicions. Not only were staff often being paid an illegal wage there is also evidence of: -  Staff living in fear of their jobs -  Incidents [...]

The Budget: An Employment Law Perspective

For anyone who miraculously managed to avoid the budget media circus yesterday (including our previous post) the main highlights yesterday were: The failure to meet economic targets, turning all schools into academies and taxing sugary foods, but, amidst all the over-reporting and endless analysis there were a few employment law tidbits that may have missed [...]