Abbeyfield Wessex Society Ltd v Edwards – Does an employer’s assertion to clients that someone will be able to cover work 24/7 entitle the employee to the minimum wage for the duration of a sleep-in shift?

Abbeyfield Wessex Society Ltd v Edwards Our final case this week is a wages claim. Earlier in the year we reported some NMW cases that laid down the criteria for deciding whether on-call or sleep-in workers should be paid the minimum wage for their shift. The criteria were: (i)        The employer’s particular purpose in engaging [...]

Minimum Wage News – Argos Biggest Non-Payer

It’s that time of year again. Every year companies who have failed to pay their staff the National Minimum Wage are named and shamed. This year sees Argos top the list, owing over £1.4 million to 12,000 workers. This is much higher than last year’s biggest offender, Debenham’s, who owed £134,000 to a similar number of employees. The [...]

Focus Care Agency Ltd v Roberts & Frudd v The Partington Group & Royal Mencap Society v Tomlinson-Blake – Are employees entitled to the national minimum wage whilst on call or sleeping at work?

Our second case is actually a cluster of three cases about the national minimum wage. Previous case law suggests that employees are entitled to the minimum wage for time when they are at the employer’s premises even if they aren’t working. Whilst the facts of each case are different the question in all three was: [...]

Gig Economy News – Zero Hour NMW Rate

In other gig economy news, a new national minimum wage rate for employees on non-guaranteed hours has been proposed. The rationale behind it is that if an employee is not guaranteed hours then they need a high rate of pay to accommodate the fact they may have hours reduced without warning. With a general election [...]

Employment Law update – Summary of changes

The annual Employment Law update is next month. The biggest changes are as follows: National Minimum Wage rates increase on the 1st April Family friendly pay rates increase on 2nd April Statutory Sick pay increase on 6th April Gender Pay Gap Reporting Regulations come into force on 6th April – however, the snapshot date is [...]

Minimum wage offenders – Latest list published

Welcome back, last week our case law update covered the highly influential Pilmlico Plumbers case. This week, as it’s the last Friday of the month, it’s time to step away from the world of case law and take a wider view at the changing face of employment law. Not only that, we have some very [...]

Employment law forecast 2017

After our weather forecast of snow did not come to fruition, we will stick to Employment Law. Here are a few things that will be happening in 2017. Trade Union Bill    Whilst no implementation date has been set, the Bill will introduce a number of proposed changes to current strike action: - 50% turnout threshold for [...]

National Minimum Wage – Latest rates

Hello, it’s the last Friday of the month and that means it’s time for your monthly Employment Law Update. Last month we looked at Bank Holiday working, the gig economy and the Byron Burger scandal and last week’s case examined Early Conciliation. This month we have lots for you, including forthcoming changes to the minimum wage and the apprenticeship [...]