Minimum wage offenders – Latest list published

Welcome back, last week our case law update covered the highly influential Pilmlico Plumbers case. This week, as it’s the last Friday of the month, it’s time to step away from the world of case law and take a wider view at the changing face of employment law. Not only that, we have some very [...]

Sports Direct – Gulag like conditions

It probably isn’t a shock to hear that Mike Ashley, owner of Sports Direct, isn’t a very nice boss. Well now a recent summons before parliament can prove those suspicions. Not only were staff often being paid an illegal wage there is also evidence of: -  Staff living in fear of their jobs -  Incidents [...]

Future Changes – All will be revealed

April is the time when most employment law changes are rolled out. We won’t be giving too much away but this years’ changes include: - The Introduction of gender pay gap reporting - The introduction of the living wage - Changes to the minimum wage - Changes to income tax thresholds - The Immigration Bill - Frozen sick and [...]

The Budget: An Employment Law Perspective

For anyone who miraculously managed to avoid the budget media circus yesterday (including our previous post) the main highlights yesterday were: The failure to meet economic targets, turning all schools into academies and taxing sugary foods, but, amidst all the over-reporting and endless analysis there were a few employment law tidbits that may have missed [...]

George Osbourne: Employment law review

On the eve of George Osbourne's spring budget, an event that could determine his success as a chancellor (cue dramatic music). We thought we would look back at how successful some of the pre-election employment law policies have been, or, if they have actually been implemented. The pre-election promises of all parties had similar goals. The [...]

Living wage – Government minister grasses up cleaners

Cleaners who work for the Foreign Office have been put on disciplinary action after a letter they went to Foreign Secretary, Phillip Hammond was forwarded to their employer, Interserve. The letter signed by 14 cleaners requested that their low pay be raised to the living wage which is calculated at £9.15 in London. They then [...]

The living wage – Lidl becomes the latest company to commit to paying

The living wage is the amount of money an adult person needs to earn in order to cover the cost of living. Before the election we mentioned how this might become a big issue and now the dust has settled the government has outlined its plans. This is currently calculated at £8.25 outside of London [...]

Living Wage – A headache for employers?

The living wage has been something of a hot topic in recent months and this is unlikely to change as the election race heats up. For those of you who don’t know, the living wage is the amount of money an adult person needs to earn in order to cover the cost of living. Currently [...]