Lowri Beck Services Ltd v Brophy

This week we are looking at tribunal procedure and limitation dates. The case is actually one we have covered when it was a mere Employment Tribunal claim, since then the employer has appealed the decision in both the EAT and Court of Appeal. Limitation dates are the final date a Claimant has to commence ACAS [...]

Lowry Beck Services Ltd v Brophy

Our next case is another update concerning tribunal procedure (cheers/groans), this time focusing on the electrifying, high-octane world of limitation dates. For those of you who aren’t familiar with how limitation works for employment tribunal claims, much of the background law is summarised in our previous update of DHL v Fazackerley. The question in this [...]

Saad v Southampton University Hospitals NHS Trust

Hello and welcome back to you weekly case law update. Last week, we had our monthly employment law update with features on the Boris Johnson burqa scandal, joint employment and working time. Before that, our previous case law update concerned agency workers. This week we have two cases for you, one on victimisation and another […]

Miah v Axis Security Ltd

Our next case is about limitation dates. In broad terms, Section 11 of the Employment Rights Act 1996 states that the limitation date to bring an employment tribunal claim is three months less a day following the date of dismissal. The limitation date is extended determined on the timing and duration of any ACAS Early […]

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Haydar v Pennie Acute NHS Trust

Our next case concerns time limits and limitation dates for ET proceedings. We rarely cover procedural cases because they don’t often impact employers and are also full of dull jargon. However, this case could be of some use. After receiving the judgment in an Employment Tribunal claim, the losing party then has 42 days to […]

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DHL Supply Chain Ltd v Fazackerley

Hello and welcome back to your weekly case law update. Last week we looked at constructive dismissal and pay cuts. This week we are looking at a procedural case about bringing claims out of time. A few weeks ago, we covered a case about limitation dates and ACAS Early Conciliation. Not only do prospective Claimants […]

Luton Borough Council v Haque

Our next case concerns ACAS Early Conciliation. Early Conciliation (EC) was introduced in 2014 as a means to settle claims before issuing ET proceedings. Any employee wishing to pursue a claim must have been issued an EC Certificate. Initially this meant the parties must have gone through a 30 day EC period (can be extended […]