It’s Hot! Warm Weather Working and Employment Law

It’s the final Friday of the month which means it’s time for your monthly employment law update. Last month’s update had features on upskirting, zero-hours contracts, recruitment shortlists and whistleblowing while last week’s case law update had cases on the National Minimum Wage and Holiday Pay. This month we have quite a few features for […]

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Jo Swinson MP Pairing Scandal: A Case Study in Pregnancy/Maternity Discrimination

Over the past few months we have run employment law related features on government scandals. Following the swathes of cabinet and government resignations this month, we were going to play a game of ‘Constructive dismissal, or no constructive dismissal?’ in our topical news segment this month. Would you say Boris Johnson’s implied term of trust […]

Caste Discrimination – Government Consultation Feedback

In January we listed some of the things to expect from Employment Law in 2018. One of those things was the possibility of caste becoming a protected characteristic under the Equality Act 2010. Caste is a type of social stratification where people are defined by their perceived hereditary class. Caste has taken various forms all […]

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Pay Gap Reporting – Pay Ratios Introduced

Another one of our predictions for 2018 was the prospect of pay reporting being expanded from gender to include race and pay ratios. On 19th July 2018, the Companies (Miscellaneous Reporting) Regulations 2018 were published following Parliamentary approval. This measure has been touted for some time as a means to get employers to address growing […]

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Sexual Harassment – Parliament Committee Response

Sexual harassment has been one of the biggest employment law issues over the past 12-18 months. Following the MeToo movement, women are increasingly and rightly standing up to harassment issues both in work and day-to-day life. The Women and Equalities Commission has published its report on the issue that has made several recommendations to reduce […]

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Gig Economy – New PAYE System For Gig Workers

The overriding theme of the gig economy is that everything is up in the air and very little is certain. Government inaction has meant case law has taken over but that could yet be overruled by new legislation. One of the many non definitive- indicators of employment status is whether the employee or employer handles […]

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Employment Tribunal Statistics – Claims Numbers Increase

Since ET fees were abolished last summer, it will come as no surprise to hear that claims have increased. Statistics gathered by ACAS suggest claims progressing to Tribunal have increased by 39% since fees were abolished in July 2017. This coincides with Ministry of Justice data which suggest claims have increased by 118% since January […]

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Lighter Side of the News – Takeaway Driver Sacked For Calling Customer Beautiful

As always, we round off with a tale of foolishness and stupidity. Last month it was a HR Manager who was shot at and an employee who was sacked by AI. This month we have a delivery driver who clearly wasn’t au fait with current social mores. A delivery driver for a kebab house in […]

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