Taylor Review – Re-cap

It’s the last Friday of the month and – to paraphrase Alan Carr – what a month It’s been! Tribunal Fees, the Taylor Review, BBC Pay Gap and same sex pension inheritance, employment law issues have made the news several times this month. In case you missed them, follow the links for last month’s newsletter […]

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Gender Pay Gap Reporting – BBC are an example not to follow

As many of you will be aware the BBC had to publish the salaries of all of its staff (96 members of its ‘talent’ team) earning over £150,000. The publishing of this data has revealed two things: Radio 2 DJs earn a staggering amount in comparison to other ‘talent’ employed by the Beeb – 2.2m […]

Supreme Court Grants Equal Pension Rights

The Supreme Court has had a fine month. Not only has it declared ET fees unlawful it has also granted equal pension rights to same-sex spouse. In Walker v Innospec Ltd, Mr Walker, the Claimant, argued that, in the event of his death, Innospec, the Respondent, should pay his husband the same pension benefit as […]

Lighter side of the news – Police officer pulls sickie then goes to the races

To round off this month’s newsletter we have another outrageous employment law tale. Jonathan Adams phoned in sick but was then spotted by a colleague on Channel 4 racing celebrating his bets coming in. At a disciplinary hearing, he claimed that he went to the races to cure his illness but the disciplinary panel found […]

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Supreme Court Rules ET Fees Unlawful – Government to repay £32m

The Magna Carta, one of Britain’s oldest pieces of constitutional legislation, states that, ‘To no one will we sell, to no one deny or delay right or justice.’ In July 2013, as part of the Employment Tribunals and the Employment Appeal Tribunal Fees Order 2013, Tribunal Fees were introduced. The fees meant prospective Claimants would […]