Gig Economy: Ken Loach and Sorry We Missed You

With Christmas around the corner and Black Friday deals well underway, now is not only the beginning of the season to be jolly but also the season of round the clock courier deliveries. The online shopping boom means couriers are busier every year and this shines a light on the gig economy. We have long [...]

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Samantha Cameron and Unpaid Internships

From one gig economy article to another. There was a time when SamCam rivalled Kate Middleton as the woman who spawned a thousand “NAME looks ADJECTIVE in CLOTHING at EVENT” articles on the sidebar of shame. These days, since the Camerons have taken a back seat post-referendum, Samantha Cameron has been focusing on her high-end [...]

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Gig Economy – Taylor Report Plans Announced

Regular readers will know that PJH Law has banged on about Government inertia when it comes to enacting suggestions made by the Taylor Report. This week, in what can only be assumed was an exercise of pre-Christmas desk clearing, the Government has announced plans to enact the report. The new measures include: Extending Section 1 […]

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Gig Economy – Long-Awaited Implementation of the Taylor Report Mooted

The Taylor Report has been sat in the long grass for some time, we reference it in nearly every gig economy case! This month saw the Business Secretary propose introducing some of the Taylor Report recommendations. These included: Allowing gig workers to request fixed-term or fixed-hours contracts after 12 months Simplify criteria to help determine […]

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Addison Lee Ltd v Lange & Ors – Employment Status Confirmed

Hello and welcome back to your weekly case law update. Last week we looked at disciplinary investigations and unfair dismissal, this week we are looking at employment status and the gig economy. This week we also have some exciting news relating to an upcoming book that a member of PJH Law has written. Find out […]

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Archbishop of Canterbury – Gig Economy & Schadenfreude

The end of September brings two things: The awakening of the singer from Green Day; and our monthly employment law update. Last month’s update had features on the Boris Johnson burqa scandal, outsourcing and an employee sacked for having a man bun. Meanwhile, last week’s case law update had cases on constructive dismissal and unfair […]

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Leyland & Ors v Hermes Parcelnet Ltd

Our next case concerns the gig economy. It is an ET case so is not binding on other cases but is indicative of how the judiciary approach similar cases. Employment status and the gig economy is rapidly becoming two irritating buzzwords because every time they are mentioned it is closely followed by phrases like “grey […]

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Gig Economy – New PAYE System For Gig Workers

The overriding theme of the gig economy is that everything is up in the air and very little is certain. Government inaction has meant case law has taken over but that could yet be overruled by new legislation. One of the many non definitive- indicators of employment status is whether the employee or employer handles […]

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IWGB v Deliveroo

Late last year, we covered the Central Arbitration Committee (CAC) case of IWGB v Roo Foods Limited t/a Deliveroo. Whilst we don’t usually cover cases from the CAC this case was relevant to the gig economy because it held Deliveroo couriers were not eligible for union recognition because of a clause in their contract that […]

Pimlico Plumbers v Smith

Our next case is the gig economy/employment status case of Pimlico Plumbers. This case has been through the ET, EAT and Court of Appeal, our take on the CoA judgment late last year included a table that set out what factors are indicative of a person’s employment status. Anyone who is unfamiliar with employment status […]

Addison Lee Ltd v Gascoigne

Good morning and welcome back to your weekly case law update. Last week we looked at limitation dates. That case concerned a parcel delivery company DHL and coincidently one of our cases this week concerns another company involved in transport, taxi firm, Addison Lee. This week we have two cases, one on employment status and […]

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Gig Economy Update – Lack of Progress Brought into Focus by Tragedy

The gig economy is an issue that urgently needed addressing this year. The Taylor Report, whilst lacking teeth, did outline some suggestions to improve conditions for the 1.1 million people currently doing gig work. The Government however, has not implemented the report well and the proposals do not really address any of the issues with […]

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