Tribunal News – ET Judgments Now Available Online

Tribunal judgments are now available online. Prior to this, only EAT judgments and higher courts had the full judgments available online. Previously, to obtain ET Judgments, you used to have to go to either Bury St Edmonds or Glasgow to get a hard copy. This will have two major repercussions for employers looking to defend [...]

Tribunal watch: Townsend v Commercial Storage Ltd – Watch your mouth

In the recent case of Townsend v Commercial Storage Ltd the ET ruled that an employee was unfairly dismissed when he was told to “not to bother coming back on Monday” during an argument with his manager. The employee, who worked as a driver, was disgruntled after coming in during his holiday to help his [...]

Tribunal Watch – Select committee to review court fees

Court fees have been highly contentious since they were first introduced in July 2013. The fees were initially introduced to ease the burden of the court service on the exchequer and also prevent petty and vindictive claims. However, since their introduction there has been an alarming drop in the number of claims, which were down [...]

Nurmohamed v Chesterton Global Ltd

  Welcome back, after a blustery start to the week we thought it appropriate that this week’s case is about whistleblowing. This case could be summarised by the words of fictional detective Father Brown, “one can sometimes do good by being the right person in the wrong place” - Bonus points if you spot the [...]

Chawla v HP

Exclusively Employment Law Solicitors Chawla v Hewlett Packard This weeks’ case could be compared to a can of worms. This weeks' case is about disability discrimination, there are several claims and questions but we have tried to keep the summary as succinct as possible. The two questions this week are; Do reasonable adjustments have to [...]

Insley V Accent Catering

This is the first Tribunal decision involving e-cigarettes in the workplace. E-cigarettes are a bit of a hazy issue for employers so we hope this week's case will clear the air a little. The question this week is whether being suspended for smoking an e-cigarette amounts to constructive dismissal? Ms Insley, the Claimant, was employed [...]

Liakopoulou v Christie Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

I have tweaked. Liakopoulou v Christie Hospital NHS Foundation Trust In light of recent events involving Chelsea and West Ham fans on trains this week we would like to highlight a recent case of the week we published involving gross misconduct outside of work time. This week’s case also involves gross misconduct. The question this [...]

Unfair dismissal awards

are, on average stats, under £5k.  Few employees walk away with the maximum compensation permitted under statute (currently £72,300 to increase to £72,400 in February).  Not so for this teacher who found that her dismissal prevented her from finding another teaching post.

Out of time claims

Judge McMullen refers to the case of The Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis v Mr C Rixon as taking on a narrow point about an 'arcane aspect' of Employment Tribunal procedure. That alone is enough reason to dig deeper ......... Mr Rixon was a serving police officer granted anonymity at the Stockwell Tube inquest.  [...]

Compromise Agreement – Is it Valid?

For employees to sign away their rights to sue their employer for breach of their statutory employment rights validly, the requirements for Compromise Agreements in s.203 Employment Rights Act 1996 must be complied with in full. The requirements are strict and detailed. The EAT have considered who decides if a Compromise Agreement is valid and has [...]