Sexual Harassment – EHRC releases new guidance

The Equality and Human Rights Commission has released guidance on how to approach sexual harassment issues at work, including that of harassment by a third party. Many of the points are not too dissimilar to Phil’s book on the subject but one of the key issues raised in the guidance is to be proactive and not sit on allegations [...]

Noreen V Recruitment Limited – How not to manage bullying and harassment

  Hello and welcome back to your weekly case law update. Last week was our monthly employment law update with features on Naga Munchetty, the British Medical Association and bearded police officers. There was also an update about PJH Law’s December Seminar (of which more later). Prior to that, our last case law update was […]

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Current Affairs – Boris Johnson & Dominic Cummings Guide to Disciplinary Procedures

Hello and welcome back to your slightly delayed (one week is slight in our books) employment law update. Last month’s update had features on US Women’s soccer team and case studies of bullying and harassment, our previous case law update was about holiday pay. This month we have a bumper edition for you to make […]

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Bullying and Harassment – Examining the Ministry of Defence, House of Commons and Orange Case Studies

In last month’s employment law update we had a current affairs feature discussing the sexual harassment issues facing the NHS and Lloyds. This month we are putting a spotlight on workplace bullying. Whilst harassment has a very clear definition under Section 26 Equality Act 2010, bullying has no real statutory definition. Nearly all cases of [...]

England Woman’s Football Team – A Case Study in Racial Discrimination, Bullying and Victimisation

Despite a successful European Championships for the England Woman’s Football Team there has been off the field issues lurking behind the scenes for the Lionesses this summer. Manager, Mark Sampson, has been accused of racial discrimination and bullying by former striker, Eniola Aluko. Aluko, a qualified lawyer in both the UK and US, has alleged that […]

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Lighter Side of the News – Amazon Employee Sacked for writing anti-Semitic message

No newsletter would be complete without an outlandish employment law issue that gets caught up in the eye of post-fact, alternate news tabloid journalism. In previous months this has included deaf police snipers, estate agents fighting class division protesters, simulating sex acts on a banana and teachers showing 18 rated films at work! This month’s […]

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Lamb v The Business Academy Bexley – Can a Failure to Properly Investigate a grievance Amount to Disability Discrimination

Hello and welcome back to your weekly case law update. Last week’s newsletter examined the impact of leaving the E.U on HR and explained new Gender Pay Gap Reporting developments. This week’s case concerns bullying, grievance investigations and disability discrimination. The question today: Can a failure to properly investigate a grievance amount to failure to […]