Immigration News – Brexit Preparations

One of the biggest Brexit issues is the impact on the freedom of movement of all EU nationals and the status of existing EU residents. To resolve this the Government has launched the settled status scheme to allow EU nationals to apply for the right to remain in the UK post Brexit. Two types of […]

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Brexit News: Redundancy Anxiety

According to recent statistics, four in ten staff claimed that the UK’s plan to leave the EU, which has now been delayed until 31 October, has resulted in their employer cutting jobs and 49% believed more redundancies were on the way. Employees are aware of the impact Brexit uncertainty has on organisations, half suggested that […]

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Prisoners to plug the post-Brexit labour gap?

You may have heard this month that the government plans to use prisoners to plug the post-Brexit labour gap by releasing them on a temporary license. The policy would mean prisoners can pick up work experience and skills whilst incarcerated that will help them find employment after their release. It is commonly believed that prisoners […]

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Brexit News – Immigration Clamp Down

Since Britain voted out of the EU in June 2016, we have always maintained the view that until told otherwise very little will change for EU/UK relations until the exit negotiations conclude. The first pre-Brexit change could be implemented after the election after the Conservatives announced plans to cut net migration to fewer than 100,000 […]

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EU Brexit – What to expect

Hello and welcome back to your monthly employment law update. To put it lightly, it has been a busy month, the country’s EU status, current prime minister, footballing success and, hopefully, your underwear have all changed since our last newsletter. Furthermore, and despite Britain opting to leave the EU, it has also been a busy […]

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EU Exit/Brexit – Potential Impacts

The European Union has been a contentious issue in the UK from practically the day we joined. However with David Cameron promising a referendum there is a real possibility that the UK might leave the E.U in the near future.. Here are some of the impacts an European separation might have on employment law.   […]