Employment Law update – Summary of changes

The annual Employment Law update is next month. The biggest changes are as follows: National Minimum Wage rates increase on the 1st April Family friendly pay rates increase on 2nd April Statutory Sick pay increase on 6th April Gender Pay Gap Reporting Regulations come into force on 6th April – however, the snapshot date is [...]

Employment law forecast 2017

After our weather forecast of snow did not come to fruition, we will stick to Employment Law. Here are a few things that will be happening in 2017. Trade Union Bill    Whilst no implementation date has been set, the Bill will introduce a number of proposed changes to current strike action: - 50% turnout threshold for [...]

Apprenticeships framework

There are two types of apprenticeship, statutory and common law. The Apprenticeships, Skills, Children and Learning Act 2009 (ASCLA) governs statutory ones, however, apprenticeships date back hundreds of years and the common law concept, that has evolved over time, runs concurrently with the recent statute. The main difference between the two is that statutory apprenticeships [...]