The Commissioners for HM Revenue & Customs v Serra Garau

Happy Easter! Tomorrow is Good Friday so we are sending out our case law update a day early – better than chocolate, right? Last week’s case was about discrimination by association and was our first foray over to Northern Irish law. Today’s case is about ACAS Early Conciliation. Early Conciliation was introduced as part of [...]

Tattoos – ACAS announces new guidelines

The conciliation service ACAS has recently said that employers could be missing out on recruiting talented staff due to outdated policies towards tattoos. It is currently estimated that 1/5 of UK adults have a tattoo with that figure dropping to as many as 1/3 for younger people. Whilst previously associated with criminals and other sub-cultures [...]

Football crazy but not sacking mad – ACAS Euros advice

In lighter yet ironically equally European news, you will undoubtedly be aware that the European Football Championships kicked off this month. Unlike previous years Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland all qualified as well as England. Furthermore countries such as Poland, Portugal, Romania and Hungary also qualified all of whom have sizeable migrant [...]

TIC International Ltd v Ali

Hello, last week it was the newsletter and thus the time lapse between our last Case of the Week and this one means we have two cases for you this week, a Friday treat. The first concerns disability discrimination and death in service benefits whilst the second is about Early Conciliation. TIC International Ltd v [...]

HR News – Workplace bullying on the rise

A recent report published by ACAS suggests that bullying is one of the biggest issues in the workplace. In the past 12 months ACAS received over 20,000 calls in relation to bullying. 83% of the calls came from employees, 60% of these callers were in the process of taking formal action. ACAS estimates that bullying [...]

Employment Tribunal: Early Conciliation Crackdown

Recent EAT judgements suggest Tribunals will not look favourably on parties who do not follow ACAS early conciliation procedure to the letter. This includes cases where the Claimant has gone through conciliation but submitted the incorrect number in their ET1 form such as Sterling v United Learning. Or in circumstances where conciliation between the parties [...]

Employment mediation

It is quite rare for employment cases to go to mediation and by this I do not include conciliation through ACAS. As a firm, we have been involved in mediation in employment cases with varying degrees of success from pre-presentation/issue mediation and mediation after presentation/issue of a Claim but instances of mediation remain rare. The [...]