Dylan the Office Morale Officer

Dylan the Office Morale Officer

I am an Old English Sheepdog and PJH Law’s resident pooch. I have been with the firm since 2020, spending much of that year as a home-office dog during my training contract. After passing my training I was promoted to work in the Maiden Lane office.

My principal duties are ensuring everyone at work stays on task. The task being petting, playing fetch and walking me of course! My other key duty is being the model for all the firm’s online marketing.

Plus and equally important I keep the high morale and good vibes going and welcome everyone in the office to fuss me.

Away from work, I enjoy long walks, playing fetch and breaking squeaker toys.

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I am from the area and passed my pet induction after 3  months; both office and house trained.  I am well behaved – most of the time and all my puppy antics are behind me now.

I am friendly with everyone and am quite chilled. My professional education continues as I work in the office keeping everyone motivated and jolly.

Client testimonials

“Thank you so much to Dylan for a friendly welcome when I visited. He is such a lovely gentle dog and he helped me relax. The PJH Law office environment is professional, friendly, and Dylan makes it extremely welcoming.”



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