Jeremy Corbyn

In light of all the porcine hullabaloo mentioned above you may have forgotten that this month also saw Jeremy Corbyn elected as the new leader of the opposition. Corbyn is almost certainly not a man who spent his university days performing dining society initiations, from what we’ve read he prefers  making jam and cycling.

However that does not mean that should Mr Corbyn one day be elected there will not be some wholesale changes to the employment law landscape.

A Corbyn led Labour government is likely to seek to seek scrap court fees, allow employment rights from the first day of employment and want to promote a living wage of £10 an hour. It would also potentially seek to leave the E.U and increase the obligation to liaise with trade unions. One policy that would prove popular is a ban on working when the heat exceeds 30 degrees. In short, a Corbyn Labour government would do things very differently to the current one.