Employer Retainers

We offer a variety of employment law retainers for employers. All of our retainers are unique. You decides the level of service you want. We agree a fee level.

Our retainers vary from an unlimited service whereby you use us as much or as little as you want for an agreed monthly fee. Alternatively you can buy a set number of annual hours from us at a discounted rate. You decide.

All of our retained clients benefit from our membership of United Employment Lawyers. You can take out a discounted employment law insurance from Marsh and RSA from as little as £250 per year for a quarter of a million cover. All retained clients receive a free subscription to our market leading on line compliance service, ARM.

Take out an annual retainer

Take out an annual retainer.

Discount on Normal Hourly Rate

Receive a discount on our normal hourly rate.

Agreed Monthly Fee Contract

Unlimited all you can eat contract for an agreed monthly fee.

Unused Hours to Train Your Team

Any unused hours can be spent using our training team to train your team.