Amazon Employee Sacked

No newsletter would be complete without an outlandish employment law issue that gets caught up in the eye of post-fact, alternate news tabloid journalism. In previous months this has included deaf police snipers, estate agents fighting class division protesters, simulating sex acts on a banana and teachers showing 18 rated films at work!

This month’s wooden spoon goes to an Amazon employee who clearly hadn’t read the company’s equality policy. The employee left a note in a parcel to a Jewish customer saying, ‘Greetings from Uncle Adolf.’ The customer, who the employee correctly guessed was Jewish because of her surname, reported the incident and the employee has been dismissed and a police investigation has also begun.

Whilst this employee was rightly sacked, behaviour such as this can damage the employer too. Firstly, employers are vicariously liable for such behaviour and can face litigation for any discriminatory behaviour carried out by employees. Secondly, this behaviour creates a lot of negative publicity, which is something all employers wish to avoid.