Who Are We?

We are a firm of Employment Law Solicitors based in Stamford with a meeting room in Corby. Founded by Philip Hyland in 2002, we are an award winning firm that acts for both employers and employees. We have acted for a large number of employer clients including two premiership football clubs, a large housing association, a blue chip telecoms business, FTSE quoted business as well as many SMEs both locally and regionally. With over 45 years combined employment law experience, we are one of the most experienced teams in the region.

We have acted for a wide range of employees from Managing Directors to hourly paid cleaners and every possible job role in between. We have achieved notable successes in the employment tribunal and courts and have had cases reported in the Sunday Times, Mail on Sunday, as well as had cases that have gone to the EAT, the CAC and the Court of Appeal which have set precedent. The Solicitors at the firm have had articles published in the national and local media and have made television and radio appearances.

What sort of employment law work do we do?

We have experience in the following types of work:

Initial Advice: We run a fixed fee scheme for employee work to cover an initial meeting, written advice and sometimes some follow up work. We have advised on all sorts of issues from dismissal, discrimination, harassment, grievances and redundancies as well as restrictive covenants and confidentiality. We have advised on complex contracts where remuneration includes LTIPs, equity, options and shareholder agreements. We have expertise in Data Protection issues as they relate to employment and a number of successful claims have been initiated after an enlightening Subject Access Request.

Employment Tribunal Representation: We have undertaken work for all types of claims from unfair dismissal to discrimination to protective awards and all points in between. We have had notable victories in unfair dismissal claims leading to substantial 5 and 6 figure settlements and awards as well as reported discrimination successes where employees have found to have been discriminated against. We have a separate guide on Employment Tribunal claims.

County Court and High Court Representation: We have experience of restrictive covenant, confidentiality and high value wrongful dismissal claims. We have a separate guide on County Court and High Court claims.

Settlement Agreements: We regularly advise employees on settlement agreements and frequently increase the sum offered by the employer through negotiation. Five and six figure settlement sums are not unusual. We are proactive in pursuing an income tax mitigation strategy wherever possible and take time to ensure that the non-financial terms are fair, in particular references.

How much does our service cost?

It depends on the sort of matter is the answer. However our charges are underpinned by the principles that employees should have access to justice, where possible, no matter what their financial circumstances, and our charges must represent superb value for money.

Fixed Fee Advice: Nearly every employee client initially sees the firm under a £150.00 plus vat fixed fee. That fixed fee will include a meeting of unlimited duration and an advice letter and quite often there will be a follow up work included.

Tribunal Representation: The first port of call is Legal Expenses Insurance (LEI) which is sometimes part of your household insurance or other financial services product. Subject to having 51% chance of success the legal expenses insurer will normally pay the fees of your Solicitor of choice for representing you at Tribunal. PJH Law will handle all aspects of your insurance claim. If you have no LEI we will consider acting for you under a no win no fee arrangement. Subject to your case having a 60% chance of success and being a sufficiently high value claim we will agree to acting on a no win no fee. Alternatively we can act on a fixed fee basis or an hourly rate. Sometimes we will act on a part fixed fee and part no win no fee.

County Court and High Court Representation: We will consider acting on a conditional fee arrangements if we consider your claim has a 55% or above chances of success and if Counsel ( a 3 barrister) also gives the claim more than 51% chance of success. We have prepared a separate guide which deals with this in detail.

Settlement Agreements: We make no charge for an initial meeting for a settlement agreement. Settlement agreements usually provide for a £250 plus vat fee contribution towards legal fees from your employer. If we exceed that we will try to have the employer contribution agreed, or we will agree a 7.5% plus vat success fee based on the difference between the first offer and the final settlement sum or we will agree a fee. If the matter does not complete as a settlement agreement we reserve the right to charge you a sum for the work done based on time spent.