Lighter Side Of The News – Butcher Sacked For Sharing Rival’s Offer On Social Media

To round off this month’s update we bring you another tale of haphazard employment law. A guilty-pleasure browse of any tabloid website will no doubt feature an article on someone who was sacked for arbitrary/ridiculous/hilarious (delete as appropriate) reasons and this month is no different. This month’s culprit was a butcher who was dismissed for gross misconduct [...]

JP Morgan v Ktorza – Being Culpable for Fair Dismissal

Greetings and welcome back to your weekly case law update. Last week’s newsletter had features on; restrictive covenants, warm weather working and the gig economy. This week we will be looking at unfair dismissal for conduct related issues. Section 98 of the Employment Rights Act 1996 states that for a dismissal to be fair, the [...]

Lighter Side Of The News – Sacked For Groping, Twice!

Every month we bring you a tale of the absurd. An incident that goes beyond ridiculous and into the downright stupid. The source of this ludicrousness? Tabloid journalism, where else? This month’s numpty is a senior a police officer who was initially sacked after he groped a female employees breast and thigh in two separate [...]

Sharfudeen v TJ Morris Ltd T/A Home Bargains – Can the rejection of a grievance amount to a fundamental breach of trust and confidence?

We thought we would start off this month’s newsletter with a routine case law update. This case concerns race discrimination and constructive dismissal. For the uninitiated, discrimination can be direct, indirect, harassment or victimisation. Constructive dismissal is a form of unfair dismissal and is defined under s95(1)c of the Employment Rights Act 1996 as: An [...]

Council Officers Sacked For Office Romp

Deaf snipers, knife-wielding teachers, cake eating cafeteria workers, every month an employment law case gets swept in the perfect storm that is tabloid journalism. This month we are going back to the summer and talking about two council workers who were reported by an anonymous whistle-blower for sneaking off for half hours at the time [...]

Alleged Disability Discrimination

Good morning, and welcome back to your weekly case law update – the perfect start to any Friday. Last week we looked at mobility clauses and unfair dismissal. This week we will be looking at alleged disability discrimination and harassment. Our previous update of G4S v Powell explains that S6 of the Equality Act 2010 defines [...]

Kellogg Brown & Root (UK) Limited v Filton – Can employees be dismissed for misconduct for refusal to obey a mobility clause in their contract?

Welcome back to your weekly case law update, last week we had our February newsletter which covered the Trade Union Act and minimum wage offenders. Prior to that, your last instalment of case law concerned employment status and discrimination. This week we shall be looking at whether employees can be dismissed for misconduct for refusing [...]