Thomas Naegeli

"My experience with PJH Law was not only very pleasant but also very professional. I would not hesitate to recommend Philip and his law practice to any of my acquaintances."

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"I am very happy with the support received from Liam Pike. The final agreement with the counterpart has been reached without unnecessary dispute and with an acceptable outcome. Thank you."

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"Liam provided great service with a professional and timely approach, succinct, high-quality advice and a thorough explanation of the law and processes surrounding the settlement agreement. The outcome is considered greatly successful particularly in the context of further less favourable redundancy arrangements for others only a month after this resolution. Many thanks."

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" I was put at risk of redundancy by my employer. I could see it happening and felt I had been treated unfairly leading up to the event. I contacted PJHLAW, having used their services previously because they specialise in employment law. I talked through my situation with Liam, which was very stressful at the [...]

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"From the first call to the last meeting, PJH Law was outstanding. All of the issues were dealt with on a first-rate scale. Nothing was too much effort, and advice and guidance throughout my process were of the highest standard. I would recommend this firm fully without hesitation."

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"Fantastic service delivered by Liam, very thorough and responsive. My matter was dealt with quickly, professionally and I was happy with the outcome."

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John Atkinson

"Phil was generous with time and advice. I was particularly impressed by Philip recalling the details of our first meeting even though our second meeting took place eighteen months later. A successful outcome. Excellent service."

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Kevin Blyth

"PJH law and Liam were fantastic throughout my time with them and they achieved the best result possible and, I could never have done it by myself. You have to trust the people who know their business and PJH fits those requirements."

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Andrew Hockley

"Advice and guidance delivered in a way which left you feeling well informed but in control. Responsive and timely with a nice way of saying you could push for more if you want to. Highly recommended."

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Helen Mumby-Croft

" I want t say thank you for all the help and guidance I have received since first approaching PJH Law. When the place you work turns against you without cause, your self-esteem takes a real knock, from the first contact with Phil, being believed and being supported starts the healing process. I felt I [...]

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Lauren Gallagher

 "I was very impressed with the service I received at PJH, from the initial phone call I made right through to the result at the end. I was kept informed at every stage and my wishes were listened to and acted on. Joe is incredibly knowledgeable and expertly steered my case to a very satisfactory [...]

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