High flyer receives £64,000 compensation for unfair dismissal

Nadine Nassar received inappropriate and suggestive text messages from her employer. After she rejected his advances in March 2008 she was subsequently sacked from her £136,000 per year job. Ms Nassar brought a claim for unfair dismissal, as she was out of time for a sex discrimination claim, and the Employment Tribunal upheld her claim awarding her £64,000 […]

It is not what you know…

..but who you know as the old saying goes.  A prison officer from HMP Leicester has been sacked for befriending criminals on Facebook.  We have blogged before on employers snooping around facebook. In this case the employee was suspended on suspicion of trafficking mobile phones and other items into the prison.  The investigation revealed no […]

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Forced Out By Facebook

As one of the 3.2 million avid facebook users, I don’t think twice about logging on, checking my profile and indulging in a little behind-the-scenes stalking of those school friends I’ve not seen in years. I’m one of the lucky ones. Many employees are now finding that they can no longer access the cyber world of ‘walls’ […]

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