Workwear News – EU Headscarf Cases

In further dress code news we have an EU case for you. Whilst we may not be a member for much longer, it seems the EU has given an important verdict on religious clothing in the work place. In Achbita & Anor v G4S Secure Solutions, the Claimant was banned from wearing a headscarf due [...]

A guide to Bank Holiday working

Last month we did a guide to warm weather working. Additionally, this summer has seen two major sporting events which can lead to higher levels of leave, and, some employers have an increased amount of Bank Holidays in this holiday year. With that in mind and a Bank Holiday looming on the horizon, we thought it would be a [...]

Tabloid HR – Employee under investigation for royal f*** up

Every month we bring you an employment law related story that somehow gets swept up in the imperfect storm that is tabloid journalism. This month’s story is so sensationalist it may even result in the Daily Mail being able to describe celebrities’ legs as something other than pins! In a recent Sun headline, Angela Gibbins, Head [...]

Religious discrimination update – Right to time off judgment

A recent ET judgment suggests there is no guarantee to long periods of time off for religious reasons. In Garedu v London Underground the ET held the Respondent was right to reject the Claimant’s request to five weeks off in summer to attend a religious festival in Italy, his country of origin. The Claimant had [...]

McDonalds racism scandal – Manager cuts black employees hours

A McDonalds branch in Birmingham has had to have its burger and eat it after the manger was caught on video discriminating against black employees. The manager, Mr Khela, cut the hours of the branch’s 20 black employees due to apparent underperformance. When confronted by an employee he insisted this was store policy. Mr Khela [...]

EU Exit/Brexit – Potential Impacts

The European Union has been a contentious issue in the UK from practically the day we joined. However with David Cameron promising a referendum there is a real possibility that the UK might leave the E.U in the near future.. Here are some of the impacts an European separation might have on employment law.   [...]

Begum v Pedagogy Auras UK Ltd T/A Barley Lane Montessori Day Nursery

Hello again, we hope you enjoyed the bank holiday despite the gloomy weather. This week’s case is about religious discrimination and is one of the most straightforward cases we’ve covered, however, there are still lessons to be learned for employers. The question this week is: Can a health and safety policy be indirectly discriminatory? Ms [...]

Henderson v General Municipal and Boilermakers Union

With not long to go until the General Election we thought it would be appropriate to cover a case that concerns political beliefs in the work place. However, we must warn you that this week’s case is a real can of worms containing several questions: - Are political beliefs protected characteristics? -     Can [...]