April Employment Law Update – Redundancy Pay & Tribunal Awards

On 6th April, the amount of money a Tribunal can award will also increase. The new rates are as follows: Week’s pay (for purposes of calculating redundancy pay and Tribunal basic awards) – £525.00 Maximum basic award for unfair dismissal and statutory redundancy payment – £15,750.00 Minimum basic award (for health & safety and trade […]

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Pregnancy & Maternity – Redundancy Protection Extended

It is believed over 50,000 women lose their jobs each year as a result of being pregnant or taking maternity leave. One in nine women surveyed by the Department for Business and Energy said they had been dismissed, made redundant or felt they had to resign following their return from having a child. Following a […]

Book Alert – A Practical Guide to Redundancy

It’s the last day of the month, December is on the horizon, Advent Calendars are being purchased, Christmas Trees are going up, Quality Street tins are being cracked open and our newsletter is hot off the digital press. We know which of these is our favourite, pass the Green Triangle! Last week’s case law update […]

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Mirab v Mentor Graphics (UK) Ltd

Our next case concerns redundancy. In redundancy exercises employers have a duty to look for suitable alternative positions for any employee that is put at risk of redundancy. Sometimes an employer will deploy an at risk employee into a role that is currently occupied and dismiss the displaced employee instead. This process is known as […]

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Keeping Kids Company

Keeping Kids Company (In compulsory liquidation) v Smith & Ors Good morning and welcome back to your weekly case law update. Those of you who missed it, last week we had our employment law update for February with features on the gig economy, forthcoming legislation and sex discrimination. This week, it has been snowing a […]

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Seahorse Maritime Ltd v Nautilus International (A Trade Union) – Does a vessel constitute as an establishment for the purposes of redundancy consultation?

  Our final case this week concerns redundancy. And asks: Does a vessel constitute as an establishment for the purposes of redundancy consultation? Seahorse Maritime Ltd, the Respondent, had a fleet of 25 vessels that each had their own crew. The Respondent announced some redundancies and did individual instead of collective consultation as there were […]

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Autumn Statement – Employee Shareholder Status tax exemption stopped

Introduced by the Coalition in 2012, Employee Shareholder Status allowed companies to make highly skilled employees – or any employee – a shareholder. For at least £2,000 worth of shares, which were both income tax and capital gains tax exempt, the employee would give up some employment rights, including unfair dismissal rights, the right to […]

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Khan v HGS Global Ltd & Dreams Ltd – Can a voluntary dismissal be unfair?

Another week, another case. After a long week of stormy weather and associated British small talk we thought it would be best to cut to the chase, not bother with a tenuous link and get stuck into a case about redundancy and TUPE. For those of you who already had your fill of TUPE last […]

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Sefton Borough Council v Wainwright – Redundancy pooling whilst on maternity leave

A re-structuring took place whilst Mrs Wainwright (Mrs W) was off on maternity leave. Two posts were being reduced down to one. Mrs W’s role was being amalgamated with a similarly graded post held by a Mr Pierce. Both Mr Pierce and Mrs W were invited to apply for the new position. Both Mrs W […]

Living wage – Government minister grasses up cleaners

Cleaners who work for the Foreign Office have been put on disciplinary action after a letter they went to Foreign Secretary, Phillip Hammond was forwarded to their employer, Interserve. The letter signed by 14 cleaners requested that their low pay be raised to the living wage which is calculated at £9.15 in London. They then […]

Collective Redundancy – Woolies verdict

A recent European Court of Justice judgement, regarding the former high street stalwart Woolies, has outlined the rules regarding collective redundancy consultation. After the firm went into administration in 2008, all staff were made redundant and all 815 stores closed. Four years later, 24,000 former staff of Woolworths were awarded 60 days’ pay as compensation […]

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Maximum Unfair Dismissal Award & Redundancy Pay/Basic Award Increase

With effect from 6 April 2014, the maximum unfair dismissal compensatory award will increase from £74,200 to £76,574. Should employers lose sleep? Not really – the 29 July 2013 cap of a year’s pay still applies to those who earn less than £76,574 per year which means the change will only affect claims made by […]