Current Affairs – Labour Promises Employment Changes

It’s the final Friday of the month which means one thing, no not payday, our monthly employment law update. Last month we had features on Boris Johnson, Emma Watson’s sexual harassment helpline and an international footballer who was sacked for bunking off training. Meanwhile, last week’s case law update concerned vegetarianism and philosophical belief discrimination. […]

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PJH Law News – December Seminar

After a hiatus of two years, PJH Law is going to resume hosting employment law seminars for clients and HR Professionals. Currently we are looking to host a seminar on the morning of Wednesday 11th December 2019 in the Stamford/Peterborough area. The seminar will be free to attend and will feature a round up of […]

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Current Affairs – Boris Johnson & Dominic Cummings Guide to Disciplinary Procedures

Hello and welcome back to your slightly delayed (one week is slight in our books) employment law update. Last month’s update had features on US Women’s soccer team and case studies of bullying and harassment, our previous case law update was about holiday pay. This month we have a bumper edition for you to make […]

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Legal Sector News – Lexis Nexis Report Show Growth in Smaller Firms

This month LexisNexis published a report about the evolution of law firms. The report found that the future of law could well lie in smaller firms (less than 20 fee earners) with only 2/10 solicitors wanting to work for larger firms long-term. One of the key positives of small firms offer is experienced solicitors do […]

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PJH Law News – Trainee Passes Exams

We are very pleased to report that Joe Hyland has passed his Legal Practice Course with distinction, with employment law being one of his highest marks. Subject to meeting all regulatory approvals Joe should qualify as a Solicitor shortly. Well done Joe – after 4 years of hard slog and some twists and turns along […]

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Discrimination: Injury to Feeling Awards Increase Announced

The bands of awards for injury to feeling in discrimination cases, known as the Vento bands, have been increased from 6 April 2019. Part of compensation that can be awarded by tribunals for unlawful discrimination are awards for ‘injury to feelings.’ This is a damages award aimed to be a remedy for the hurt, humiliation […]

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Brexit News: Redundancy Anxiety

According to recent statistics, four in ten staff claimed that the UK’s plan to leave the EU, which has now been delayed until 31 October, has resulted in their employer cutting jobs and 49% believed more redundancies were on the way. Employees are aware of the impact Brexit uncertainty has on organisations, half suggested that […]

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April Employment Law – Payslip Update

Last year we reported that the (Itemised Pay Statement) (Amendment) Order 2018 will require employers to state how many hours the employee worked and at what rates of pay these hours were worked. Workers as well as employees will also need to be given payslips. Our previous feature includes an example and also warned that […]

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Good Friday and Easter April Bank Holiday

Good Friday and Easter April Bank Holiday Chocoholics and Hot Cross Bun enthusiasts will be well aware Easter is 14 days away. Like other bank holidays, PJH Law will be closed on Good Friday and Easter Monday (Friday 20th April & Monday 22nd April). Please could anyone wishing to contact the firm bare this in […]

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PJH Law News – Lexcel Accreditation 2019

This month PJH Law had it’s Lexcel annual assessment. The firm has been a part of Lexcel since 2005 and the aim of the accreditation is to ensure excellence in legal practice. PJH is pleased to announce that it has once again achieved Lexcel accreditation with over 10  areas of the firm – including risk […]

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PJH Law News – In the Media

If the UK’s enjoyment of idle conversation were Fawlty Towers, then Brexit would definitely be The War. Whilst many people shy away from the topic and/or have seen social events ruined by the topic – I mentioned it once but I think I got away with it! – our Principal, Phil, has long spoken about […]

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Current Affairs – British Cycling and Employment Status

Good morning and welcome to your monthly employment law update, the final update of any kind this year (cue dramatic music)! A huge thank you to everyone who has read every update this year, you deserve a vast quantity of presents, food & alcohol for your dedication! Last month’s update had features on the possible […]

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Current Affairs – Raheem Sterling and Race Discrimination

Football is an issue that has not had many employment law updates recently. However, our next item of current news examines discrimination in the media and the prevalence of racism in today’s society and how employers should react. Anyone who has ever had the misfortune of glancing down the Mail’s sidebar of shame might have […]

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Gig Economy – Taylor Report Plans Announced

Regular readers will know that PJH Law has banged on about Government inertia when it comes to enacting suggestions made by the Taylor Report. This week, in what can only be assumed was an exercise of pre-Christmas desk clearing, the Government has announced plans to enact the report. The new measures include: Extending Section 1 […]

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