Employment tribunal costs

The EAT case of Mrs Purohit v Hospira (UK) Limited concerned (amongst other points) an appeal against the Order of the Tribunal that she pay £8,000 in costs.  She argued that the Tribunal had not taken into account her statement that she had no savings when making such award.   This case is a reminder that […]

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It certainly was for Weston College, Weston Super Mare, as reported in today’s Mail.  Andrew Rogers was a male model for the College who won his first sex discrimination Tribunal claim on the grounds that, following redundancies, the College offered work to a female counterpart but not to Mr Rogers.  Lesson learnt?  It appears not, […]


In the case of Baker v Tote the EAT upheld a costs award of 75% of £120,000.00 or £90,000.00 and reiterated that it would be rare for the EAT to interfere with any costs award where the Tribunal discretion was properly exercised. Costs awards, whilst rare, seem to be not as unusual as they once […]

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Costs awards at Tribunal

The EAT case of Ms Doyle v North West London Hospitals NHS Trust is an appeal against a costs order that Ms Doyle pay all of the costs of the NHS in defending her Tribunal claim – costs amounting to approximately £100,000! Orders of this magnitude are few and far between and usually only issued […]

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Employment Tribunal Deposit Orders

From 6 April 2012, the amount of a deposit that an Employment Tribunal can Order the Claimant to pay for them to be permitted to continue with their claim will increase from £500.00 to £1,000.00. This change is part of the government’s plans to weed out weak claims. To balance out weeding out weak claims […]

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Costs in Employment Tribunal

Costs in the Employment Tribunals are the exception not the rule. However Tribunals can award costs where a party has conducted itself unreasonably. Case law to date has held, for example, that lying in evidence at the Tribunal amounts to unreasonable conduct (Daleside, Dunedin) . This firm successful obtained a costs order for £5k against […]

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Legal aid reform

So …. the debate over legal aid reform rolls on.  What do you think?  Should the limited free assistance available for Claimants pre commencing proceedings be scrapped?  Will this result in more spurious claims being presented ?  Should Claimants be charged say £250 for the pleasure of presenting a claim? Questions …. questions …. questions […]

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