Brexit News – Immigration Clamp Down

Since Britain voted out of the EU in June 2016, we have always maintained the view that until told otherwise very little will change for EU/UK relations until the exit negotiations conclude. The first pre-Brexit change could be implemented after the election after the Conservatives announced plans to cut net migration to fewer than 100,000 [...]

Employment Law update – Summary of changes

The annual Employment Law update is next month. The biggest changes are as follows: National Minimum Wage rates increase on the 1st April Family friendly pay rates increase on 2nd April Statutory Sick pay increase on 6th April Gender Pay Gap Reporting Regulations come into force on 6th April – however, the snapshot date is [...]

Time Sheet Fiddling

Time sheet fiddling is a common reason for dismissal that crops up from time to time. I have been involved in a couple of falsifying time sheet cases recently. Maybe the recession is causing employees to feel the need to take risks they wouldn't normally. Dismissal Requirements Concerning Time Sheet Fiddling Before dismissing for falsifying [...]