PJH Law News – Seminar Success

Thank you to everyone who attended our 15th Annual Seminar. We hope you enjoyed the sessions and the feedback we received seems to suggest attendees found the sessions interesting and informative. We would also like to thank Sonia Braybrook and JMP Solicitors for their session, we found it very useful and enjoyed learning about an [...]

Minimum wage offenders – Latest list published

Welcome back, last week our case law update covered the highly influential Pilmlico Plumbers case. This week, as it’s the last Friday of the month, it’s time to step away from the world of case law and take a wider view at the changing face of employment law. Not only that, we have some very [...]

PJH Law Seminar – Book your place now

Thank you to everyone who expressed interest in our seminar last week. This year’s seminar will have sessions on employment law changes coming into force this April, gender pay gap reporting, changes to taxing Settlement Agreements, cases with significant HR impact over the past 12 months, and, a session on existing Directors by guest speaker, [...]

PJH Law news – court of appeal and home working

PJH Law was recently involved in a case that was heard in the Court of Appeal. This case, in our view, widens the scope for gross misconduct for senior managers. It also laid to rest an argument that dismissal can be delayed if the dismissal amounts to a breach of contract. We would also like [...]

Snow policy advice

January is usually a month where snow disrupts business, the snow over Christmas may not be the only snow this winter and icy roads can often cause commuting difficulties, school and business closures and even disrupt phone and broadband signal. If you are an employer that could be affected by heavy snow or have employees [...]

Snow policies and working from home

Hello, we apologise for not sending a case law update this week. Unfortunately there have not been any judgments that easily transfer into practical advice yet this year. However, we would like to remind you about a piece we ran this time last year about severe weather policies. Last year it wasn’t needed however this [...]

Autumn Statement – Statutory Maternity & Sick Pay Rates increase

There were several announcement made by the Chancellor, Phillip Hammond, in the Autumn Statement that will impact employment law. Incidentally this might be the last Autumn Statement, as one of the announcements was to abolish them! In April 2017, the rates employers have to pay will go up for the first time since April 2015. [...]

Autumn Statment – National Living Wage – Lower than expected increase

Another thing on the rise is the National Living Wage. As you will probably already know any employee over the age of 25 is entitled to the National Living Wage, which has risen by 30p to £7.50. This is 14p below the predicted 2017 rate of £7.64, meaning the average worker will be worse off by [...]

Autumn statement – Salary Sacrifice scrapped

One expected change made in the statement was the reduction of benefits allowed in salary sacrifice schemes. Salary sacrifice schemes allow an employer to take the cost of a work place benefit (such as a phone, emission friendly car, childcare, healthcare, or pension contributions) to be taken out of the employee’s salary. This means the [...]

National Minimum Wage – Latest rates

Hello, it’s the last Friday of the month and that means it’s time for your monthly Employment Law Update. Last month we looked at Bank Holiday working, the gig economy and the Byron Burger scandal and last week’s case examined Early Conciliation. This month we have lots for you, including forthcoming changes to the minimum wage and the apprenticeship [...]