Religious Discrimination

Christmas conundrum – FAQs

Conduct of staff isn’t the only headache that employers face when organising the Christmas party. Every year we get asked questions so we thought we would get ahead of the game. 1.    Do I need a policy statement for Christmas parties? Many employers issue a policy statement that relates to staff conduct at work socials, if […]

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McDonalds racism scandal – Manager cuts black employees hours

A McDonalds branch in Birmingham has had to have its burger and eat it after the manger was caught on video discriminating against black employees. The manager, Mr Khela, cut the hours of the branch’s 20 black employees due to apparent underperformance. When confronted by an employee he insisted this was store policy. Mr Khela […]

EU Exit/Brexit – Potential Impacts

The European Union has been a contentious issue in the UK from practically the day we joined. However with David Cameron promising a referendum there is a real possibility that the UK might leave the E.U in the near future.. Here are some of the impacts an European separation might have on employment law.   […]

Begum v Pedagogy Auras UK Ltd T/A Barley Lane Montessori Day Nursery

Hello again, we hope you enjoyed the bank holiday despite the gloomy weather. This week’s case is about religious discrimination and is one of the most straightforward cases we’ve covered, however, there are still lessons to be learned for employers. The question this week is: Can a health and safety policy be indirectly discriminatory? Ms […]

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Henderson v General Municipal and Boilermakers Union

With not long to go until the General Election we thought it would be appropriate to cover a case that concerns political beliefs in the work place. However, we must warn you that this week’s case is a real can of worms containing several questions: – Are political beliefs protected characteristics? –     Can […]

Wearing religious symbols at work

Looking back at the last week, my employment news highlight comes from comments made by David Cameron at PM’s Question Time.  He commented that he ‘fully supported the right of people to wear religious symbols at work, I think it is absolutely a vital religious freedom’.  This is particularly interesting given that the case of […]

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Religious discrimination

One of the characteristics protected from discrimination is religion. It is reported in the Telegraph today that Dr David Drew has lost his claim of discrimination because of his religion.    You may recall from an earlier blog on this case, that Dr Drew was dismissed for gross misconduct for using religious language in work communications […]

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Equality laws and the Church

It has been reported in the Telegraph today that Church of England bishops have asked the Coalition to take steps to protect Christians from the effect of equality laws. This comes in the wake of a number of cases highlighting the frequent conflict between religion and equality.  Who recalls the Christian hotel owners who were […]

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Positive Action Under Equality Act 2010 coming in to force in April

The “positive action” provisions in section 159 Equality Act 2010 that allow employers to give preference to those with protected characteristics when recruiting or promoting employees are to be implemented from 6 April 2011 according to this Commencement Order made by the government this week. Is this a step too far? Has the strive for […]

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Religious discrimination

Postal workers who were refused time off to celebrate a religious holiday are considering legal action against the Royal Mail as reported in today’s Yorkshire Evening Post.  Muslim staff at the distribution centre in Leeds say they are usually allowed to take the day off to mark Eid-ul-Fitr, the end of Ramadan.  However, all requests […]

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