Caste Discrimination – Government Consultation Feedback

In January we listed some of the things to expect from Employment Law in 2018. One of those things was the possibility of caste becoming a protected characteristic under the Equality Act 2010. Caste is a type of social stratification where people are defined by their perceived hereditary class. Caste has taken various forms all […]

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Bakkali v Great Manchester Buses (South) Ltd

This case is about race discrimination and religious discrimination. This case particularly relates to direct discrimination and harassment. For any of the protected characteristics, direct discrimination is defined in Section 13 of the Equality Act 2010 as a person discriminates against another if, because of a protected characteristic, a person is treated less favourably than […]

The Lord Chancellor & Secretary of State for Justice v McCLoud & Ors

Hello, another Friday is upon us which means it is time for another dose of employment law. After last week’s employment law update we are back to our case law update. This week’s case concerns pensions and discrimination. We also have a new feature for you at the end of today’s update. (Cue dramatic music […]

Olatinwo v QualityCourse Ltd T/A Transline Group

    Hello and welcome back to penultimate update of the year (gasp/cheers/sobs). Last week we looked at race discrimination and constructive dismissal. This week we are again looking at race discrimination but this time it is linked to right to work checks. Olatinwo v QualityCourse Ltd T/A Transline Group When checking whether an applicant […]

Chindove v Morrison Supermarkets Plc

Good morning and welcome back to your weekly case law update. Last week we had our monthly update for November, it had features on the ECJ’s decision in the Sash Windows case and new statutory pay rates. Our previous case law update was the EAT decision in the Uber case. Since we last covered the […]

England Woman’s Football Team – A Case Study in Racial Discrimination, Bullying and Victimisation

Despite a successful European Championships for the England Woman’s Football Team there has been off the field issues lurking behind the scenes for the Lionesses this summer. Manager, Mark Sampson, has been accused of racial discrimination and bullying by former striker, Eniola Aluko. Aluko, a qualified lawyer in both the UK and US, has alleged that […]

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Gender Pay Gap Reporting – BBC are an example not to follow

As many of you will be aware the BBC had to publish the salaries of all of its staff (96 members of its ‘talent’ team) earning over £150,000. The publishing of this data has revealed two things: Radio 2 DJs earn a staggering amount in comparison to other ‘talent’ employed by the Beeb – 2.2m […]

Sharfudeen v TJ Morris Ltd T/A Home Bargains – Can the rejection of a grievance amount to a fundamental breach of trust and confidence?

We thought we would start off this month’s newsletter with a routine case law update. This case concerns race discrimination and constructive dismissal. For the uninitiated, discrimination can be direct, indirect, harassment or victimisation. Constructive dismissal is a form of unfair dismissal and is defined under s95(1)c of the Employment Rights Act 1996 as: An […]

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PJH Law News – Discrimination double whammy

To round off this month’s newsletter we would like to announce that the firm has settled two discrimination cases this month. The claims were for race and disability respectively and very positive outcomes were achieved for both clients. If you would like advice on any of the issues discussed in this newsletter please contact us. If […]

Bone v North Essex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust: Can an employer’s omission amount to detriments in relation to trade union activity?

Good morning, we have another case law update fresh off the digital press for you to read. Today’s case concerns trade unions and is something of a judicial foul up but in the end raises some interesting points. You can also read last week’s case on voluntary redundancy. Today’s questions Can an employer’s omission amount […]

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