Legal Responsibility for PPE

An employer is legally obliged to provide PPE for its employees where a risk to physical health is identified in the workplace and that risk can be mitigated and extinguished by the provision of PPE. If it can be shown that a failure to provide PPE resulted in death or injury then the employer will [...]

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Is Freedom in sight?

As the number of hospital admissions (with Covid-19) decline and the graphs begin to plateau is there a glimmer of hope that lockdown may be lifted to some extent? We are all aware that, in the words of Nicola Sturgeon, the exit strategy is not a case of ‘flicking a switch’, it is more likely [...]

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Covid-19 Free Friday is back…

If you have any employment law query arising out of Covid-19, then Free Friday is back tomorrow, 24 April 2020. Call 01780 757589 and speak to Emma who will make a free appointment with one of our Solicitors. Appointments can be by phone, Skype, Teams or Zoom.

The grand opening of HMRC’s Portal is today.

This Portal allows companies to reclaim staff salaries (80% of wages of furloughed staff up to a cap of £2,500.00). It will not come as a surprise to most that there have been some teething problems reported! The problems reported are said to include: The website crashing for some people. The online calculator producing the [...]

PJH Law are offering…

  free telephone advice appointments on Friday 17 April 2020 for employers or employees affected by Covid19, call Emma Roberts on 01780 757589 to book an appointment with one of our Solicitors.

4 lessons from the Lockdown:

I can safely say that an outbreak of a deadly virus and a lockdown of indefinite duration was not part of PJH Law’s 2020 business plan. Darwin’s laws aren’t suspended. Adaptation is key.  Every individual and organisation has to adapt to survive and thrive. Here’s PJH Law’s adaptations and lessons we’ve learnt from having to [...]

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Your weekend reading is now available. Everything you wanted to know about furlough but were afraid to ask

Q & A Employer Questions How long will the Job Retention Scheme be available for? At present, the Government have indicated it will last for 3 months from March 1st to the end of May 2020 Can employees be brought into the scheme who are already on sick leave or receiving SSP/CSP due to self-isolation? [...]

Your handy guide to key HR terms in the age of Covid-19

PJH Law has been helping employers through this difficult period. Here are some key terms that explain the different options. Key Terms: Short time is less than half a week’s work and pay in any one week for the purposes of redundancy pay under section 147, but any one workless day in any week for [...]

The 358 page long Coronavirus Act 2020 received Royal Assent yesterday.

The Act introduces a wide range of measures. Tucked away in section 8 and schedule 7 of the Act ( - see page 96), is a new right for workers (note workers – not only employees) to take Emergency Volunteering Leave. The provisions only apply to employers with a headcount of 10 or more. The [...]

Furlough is not a term that is too familiar to HR Practitioners and employment lawyers.

Like most of you we had to reach for the dictionary. It appears to be a term used more in the US than the UK. Whilst we await details from HMRC of the 80% subsidy for furloughed employees, over and above those already announced, PJH Law’s understanding is as follows: Employers identify which employees are [...]