Constructive Dismissal

Insley V Accent Catering

  This is the first Tribunal decision involving e-cigarettes in the workplace. E-cigarettes are a bit of a hazy issue for employers so we hope this week’s case will clear the air a little. The question this week is whether being suspended for smoking an e-cigarette amounts to constructive dismissal? Ms Insley, the Claimant, was […]

Constructive dismissal

Constructive unfair dismissal claims inevitably involve a Tribunal identifying the reason or reasons for the resignation.  The EAT case of Mrs S Logan v Celyn House Ltd reminds us of the principle established in the Meikle case [2005], that the Tribunal should not look for a principal reason but should consider all contributory reasons. In […]

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Constructive unfair dismissal

To win a claim of constructive unfair dismissal a Claimant must demonstrate fundamental breach of contract and that they resigned in response to the breach (without delaying too long). In the Tribunal case of Mr Morgan v Halls of Gloucester, Mr Morgan’s claim of constructive unfair dismissal was dismissed.  The Tribunal found that two acts […]

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Constructive dismissal

EAT decisions on what is capable of amounting to repudiatory conduct for the purposes of bringing a constructive unfair dismissal claim are always helpful as it is such a big bold step for an employee to take that, in recommending such a course of action, we need to be confident that a successful claim will […]

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Constructive dismissal

It is always a brave employee who resigns in the expectation of being able to bring a successful constructive unfair dismissal claim.  The need to be able to demonstrate a repudiatory breach of a term of the contract, particularly if relying upon breach of an implied term such as that of trust and confidence, is […]

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What Amounts to the “Last Straw”?

An interesting constructive dismissal claim has recently been decided by the Employment Appeal Tribunal in Edinburgh looking at what can and cannot amount to a last straw entitling an employee to treat their employment contract as discharged following a series of failures by their employer. In this case the Employment Tribunal had found for the employee […]

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